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About me

I am LESUR Frederic, I am a French Engineer currently working for Woven by Toyota as Senior Product Owner.

I am a 43 years old French Engineer married with a wonderful French women and we had in 2009 a beautiful daughter.

I was born in Bethune a little town of North of France, so I am able to speak Ch'ti 😊

For my work we move from north of France in Bruay La Buissiere in 2019 to Tokyo in Japan

That is a really amazing way to change your life, you leave everythong behind you an fall into a new way to live and a new way to work.

Japan is a great place to live with a really cool vision of the life, a really safe place and a great culture with lots of things to discover and try (like umeboshi 🤗 )

I am living in Tokyo, Japan with my wife and my daugther.

I like to work in this automotive industry since it is currently under reconstruction and transformation to meet Electric Vehicle and Ecological goals. And this is really exciting !

I hope you will have a good day ❤️