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  1. How to integrate a Gallery of photos in Pelican ?

    Need for a Gallery ?

    I am planning to take some pictures of my Electronics tests or other hobbies and maybe share them with you so I would like to have the possibility to share them on my website.

    Possibilities ?

    • include each pictures as part of an article
      • This could take …

  2. How to use and view Emoji in VSCode in Archlinux

    Recently I started to use VSCode to wrote my Blog and I would like to use Emoji (👾) in my posts.

    So I tried an easy way to use them.

    I have some prerequisites:

    • 1️⃣ need to be usable in Markdown
    • 2️⃣ need to be easy to include in my post …

  3. Welcome on my website

    Hi reader,

    This is my first post on my new blog built by using pelican.

    Pelican is a Python static website generator. It is really powerful and let you create lot of different website.

    I used the simple theme included in pelican source code and modified it to fit my …