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How to use and view Emoji in VSCode in Archlinux

Recently I started to use VSCode to wrote my Blog and I would like to use Emoji (👾) in my posts.

So I tried an easy way to use them.

I have some prerequisites:

  • 1️⃣ need to be usable in Markdown
  • 2️⃣ need to be easy to include in my post
  • 3️⃣ need to be visible directly as emoji in VSCode.
  • 4️⃣ need to be visible as a great emoji in the website also

After searching a little bit both on pelican website and on VSCode extensions I found I just need to :

  • have a VSCode extension to simply include Unicode emoji in my articles
  • having a Unicode font to show my article on reader browser.

Advantages :

  • no need to have specific Python markdown extension to convert emoji code to image in all articles
  • this is standard by default in Unicode 🦄
  • this should be readable also in non graphical browser like in terminal or for those with eyes dishabilities 👓️

Disadvantages :

  • reader browser need to have a Unicode font but this is clearly the case in most of operating system now
  • I cannot change size or style of emoji since this is same as rest of the text

My VSCode extension

I choose to use emoji-code by idlebers

Since :

  • I just need to write ji: and press Ctrl+Space to have a list of visual emojis and I can continue to tap keys to filter them and find the one I want 🔎
  • this will simply include the Unicode character and nothing else, I can view the post without the extension, I can delete the emoji just by deleting the character and I can publish it to Git without isue. 👌

Since my Pelican template already use Unicode font emojis are displayed without issues !