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Curriculum Vitae


  • Name: LESUR Frederic
  • Address: 3-36-21 Shiden Royal, Parks Riverside 701, 123-0865 Adachi-ku Tokyo-to
  • Contact:
  • Current Position: Senior Product Owner


Now - 2022/12 - Senior Product Owner in Woven by Toyota (employee)

I am in charge of:

As Senior Product Owner of the Arene OS the vehicle side of Arene


2022/12 - 2021/11 - Product Owner in Woven by Toyota (employee)

I am in charge of:

As Product Owner of the Arene Data Application in the vehicle


2021/11 - 2019/09 - Cloud Platform Architect in AXA Life Japan (employee)

I am in charge of:

Inside my team I participate to raising the Cloud knowledge of my colleagues on these domains

  • AWS Amazon
  • PAAS ( OpenShift on AWS )
  • IAAS ( Private IaaS with IBM Technology )
  • Authentication technologies ( SAML & OAuth2 & OpenID protocols )
  • Designing 8 to 10 Cloud Platform Architectures per year and help Solution Architects and Engineering Guild to understand and develop them.


AWS Architect Solution Certified

2019/04 - 2019/08 Solution Architect in AXA France (employee)

I am in charge of:

Inside my team I participate to raising knowledges of my colleagues and peoples of IT departments on these domains

  • AWS Amazon
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DMS ( IBM Filenet & AXA development )
  • Composition and Publishing ( ARondor, E-Signature)


TOGAF 9.1 Foundation Certified

2016/03 - 2016/03 Java J2EE Expert / Scrum master in Decathlon (freelancer)

During this mission as Freelance, I was technical expert of a 7 developers team.

I am in charge of:

  • maintain performance of the design application of DECATHLON.
  • Coach team to increase skills of each developer in technical part (Java, GIT, Jenkins) and learn them Agile method.


  • Follow each new functionnality and add bug tracker through JIRA and GIT workflow
  • Make security audit and planify change to correct them inside MMF delivery (Minimun Markeatable Feature)
  • Add devops tools like Sonar, Jenkins or PGBadger
  • Delivery new release automatically with Jenkins
  • Increase devops skills of the team and add test driven development phylosophy to make them autonomous

2014/08 - 2015/03 Consulting Technical Manager in Atos Integration (freelancer)

I am in charge of:

  • Create a bridge between development team and functional team.
  • Develop a real synergy by learn language of each team to the other
  • Add bug tracker to follow change and reduce time between two delivery of MMF
  • Learned to product owners how to write specification and how to explain them to developer


  • Choose and install devops tools ( Jenkins, GIT, Eclipse)
  • Add TDD method ( Test Driven Development)
  • Technical expert of the team
  • Find recurrent problems and propose solutions
  • Increase delivery quality and reduce bad user experience

2014/01 - 2014/09 Quality Engineer / Application Architect in La Redoute (freelancer)

I am in charge of:

Participate to quality team creation inside an international development team in charge of La Redoute Market Place


  • Learn TDD method to development team
  • Coach product owners to quality approach
  • Create and maintain a coverage test map of all the platform.
  • Implement automated tests
  • Software architect of Open Source test suite 'Cerberus'

TDD, Cerberus, Quality, Netbeans, Glassfish, Java /J2EE

2012/09 - 2013/12 Scrum Master / IT Expert in Decathlon France (freelancer)

I am in charge of:

Leverage new way of working in FireStore Team


  • Learn Agile concept and way to work to a 5 employees team
  • Coach product owners to move into Agile Working too (Srpint release)
  • Transform in-store Decathlon JAVA application from Ant/JSP to Maven/EJB
  • Move Code repository from CVS to GIT.
  • Implement automated tests

Agile, Scrum, TDD, GIT, Maven, EJB, Java /J2EE

2010/09 - 2012/08 Software Engineer in Vauban Humanis (freelancer)

I am in charge of:

Software Engineer in production team


  • Direct customer facing with end user customer
  • Manage bugfix roadmap and release
  • Update JAVA application and ETL
  • Work also on incident (nighlty bases)

Ant, JSP, Customer facing, CVS, Java /J2EE, ETL, Oracle

2004/11 - 2010/08 Software Engineer in Atos Worldline (employee)

I am in charge of:

Software Engineer in production team


  • Direct customer facing with customer in many European countries (Italia, UK, Spain, Switzerland)
  • Manage bugfix roadmap and release
  • Update JAVA application and manage technical debts
  • Work also on incident (nighlty bases)

Ant, JSP, Customer facing, GIT, Maven, EJB, Java /J2EE


  • 2000 - 2004 Graduate of Computer Engineering School Polytech'Tours
  • 1998 - 2000 Classe Preparatoire aux grandes écoles Lycée Robespierre, intensive two-year university foundation course to prepare for the competitive entrance examinations to highly-selective institutions in France

IT Skills

IT Languages

  • Javaimage
  • PHPimage
  • Javascriptimage
  • Shellimage
  • Pythonimage
  • C/C++image
  • C#image
  • Goimage

OS Preference

  • GNU/Linuximage
  • Uniximage
  • Windowsimage
  • MacOSimage

Personal Skills


  • Frenchimage
  • Englishimage


  • 2020/12 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Badge
  • 2018/12 TOEIC Listening and Reading test I worked a lot to pass this exam and received 860 points
  • 2018/04 TOGAF 9.1 Foundation

IT Hobbies

Usage of platformio as development platform

  • Multiple nodes (mesh network) by using Lora Radio Network protocol
  • development of modules for RIOT-OS and AES/ECDSA encryption with RFM22B radio module
  • Manage automation of AES Keys rotation.
  • Use ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms, also develop on STM21Fxx
  • Embedded RISC-V : implement ESP32-C3 RISC-v testing board into RIOT-OS platform in order to use it as an orchestrator for other mesh of my Home Automation Network.

Linux Daily usage as principle OS of my computers / NAS

  • Manage to handle Lenevo Yoga platform with Manjaro Linux (an Archlinux fork).
  • Develop autorotate with transformation matrix tools to handle my 2-in-1 laptop
  • Test and help development of Manjaro linux for PinePhone (Linux Smartphone)
  • Currently working on port UbuntuTouch to Xiaomi Redmi note 7

Internet Websites managment

  • On VPS platform, deploy multiple services like NextCloud, NodeRed, Mail server etc based on
  • Docker Orchestrator
  • Portainer managment platform
  • Traefik reverse proxy
  • monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus
  • CI/CD with
  • social network with Pleroma (a twitter like)

Web & Git